Jude BuffingtonIn 1998, Jude started working at a radio station.  His duties included playing music, running programs to fit into the program clock, answering the phones, and making play lists for requested music, and so on.  He has worked audio for a number of gospel music groups, both at their home venues and on the road. Jude got much of his technical training working for a pro audio contractor in Oklahoma City.  There, he was able to be a part of a team that handled all the communications for the White House in the region, worked with three Oklahoma Governors and their offices, the communications for the Oklahoma State Capital and other government buildings, scores of churches, and many other venues.  It was during this time that Jude first felt the burden to help independent Baptist churches with their sound needs.  He recognized that those who know what it takes to reproduce good quality sound, but will not over-sell or over-build, are few and far between.  This burden to provide professional quality service to churches that otherwise could not afford it was the catalyst for Jude to start his own business, and Audio Buff was incorporated in 2004.  Since then, Audio Buff has been helping Baptist churches and ministries all over the south central region of America with their sound needs: from service work to upgrades, new construction installations to portable sound.

A superior message demands superior communication.  This phrase was born out of Jude’s relationship with Pastor Wayne Hardy from the late 90s.  Pastor Hardy believes that having the superior message (the Bible), means that great care and attention to detail and quality needs to be given to the communication.  In another words having the mind of Christ demands great responsibly in the communication of the gospel.  Taking this same principal and bringing it into the audio realm, we as sound technician, have a great responicbility.  Everything that happens in a church service, that has audio of some sort, passes through our care.  Good bad right or wrong, we have a great responsibility.  Not only do the sound techs need to have a good grasp of the sound system, but the equipment is self needs to be of a caliber that will help the communication of the gospel.  Since 2004, Audio Buff has tried to assist Baptist churches with, 1, training the sound techs, and 2, servicing, maintaining, and upgrading systems with the goal of them helping not hindering the communication of the gospel.

We are proud to announce Audio Buff is expanding into the rental market.  Even if a church has a good system, there are times when extra equipment is needed, or a complete portable system is required.  Audio Buff has the desire to offer the same quality in portable sound that they have offered in permeant installs.  Outdoor weddings, kids days, VBS, camps, retreats, or even holiday programs are not excused from needing superior communication.  In fact, having a professional sound many times validates that your position is of upmost importance, due to the fact you have invested in good quality sound.